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Sat Mar 6 13:34:33 EST 2010

Le 2010-03-06 à 11:56, Aristotle Pagaltzis a écrit :

> If Markdown is to evolve, this is the problem that needs to be

> solved: it needs a principal designer with a good enough sense

> for its spirit and enough of a voice to gain the authority to

> have his or her mandates followed.

I'm of the same opinion, although I'll say the problem goes a little deeper.

Personally, I see little to be gained by improving Markdown. This applies to myself, but probably to John Gruber too. There's not much more recognition I can get by improving PHP Markdown and very little money to make with it.

I'm still answering my emails about PHP Markdown, giving tips to whoever needs them, and I'm fixing bugs from time to time. But all this I do by charity: I don't gain anything personally or professionally by doing it except perhaps the goodwill of a few people. That could change if I were to return to web development, but right now I'm working on other things to pay the bills. I think John is in a similar situation.

Is there anyone interested in sponsoring Markdown development? I think you first need a solution to this problem if you want to have a lead designer.

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