Markdown development

yy yiyu.jgl at
Wed Mar 17 07:33:40 EDT 2010

2010/3/17 david parsons <orc at>:


>   There are markdown implementations in a dozen languages.   I am

>   unsure about how a common tool can be made here.


What I would really like to see is a standard test suite, with a given
input and the expected output, which we can test against the different
implementations. Then, we would only have to agree on a "core" set of
tests that every implementation has to pass to be considered "markdown
compatible" and we could easily add tests for non-standard features.
The difficult part is to decide if the most strange corner cases are
implementation dependent, or how they must be handled (since I expect
some differences between current implementations). Mdtest is probably
the best starting point for such a task.

- yy.

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