Markdown development

Lou Quillio public at
Fri Mar 19 19:52:48 EDT 2010

It's nowhere written that the Markdown user won't have to pre-process
or post-process to scratch his particular itch.

Michel has already[1] made the extensions and done the fixes that a
"text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers" reasonably needs at its
core. (Prefer Ruby? kramdown's for you[2].)

Need more transforms? Bolt 'em onto your stack. Need an
auto-generated TOC? How about HTML::Toc[3]. MathML? ASCIIMathML[4]
and ASCIIMathPHP[5] work well. Need a shoehorn for [insert special
need]? That's why god gave you sed[6].

Somewhere around here I have the jewel case that my original Markdown
CD came in. On the front it says "Wrapper script not included."
Evidently the print's too small, cuz we keep having threads like this.

Markdown's dead? Absurd. Markdown's huge, and in the form of PHP
Markdown Extra is basically done. Done != dead, done == problem



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