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G. K. Chesterton commented, "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing

I like MMD's table syntax. Not perfect. Still a pain to construct,
especially if you want to keep the notion of having to look reasonable as
plain text. But it *really* beats

My wishlist:

* Easy way to tell markdown to look in a file if it can't find link/image
references in the current file. This would allow you to abstract a URL that
was referenced in several pages to a single ref. In turn this makes changes
in the layout of a web site very easy. At this point I can do it with
template toolkit and include files, but it's more than a bit
rube-goldbergish. In the league with programmable candle powered hydralic
peanut butter spreaders.

* Easy way to modify the behaviour with certain tags. According to the
spec, the contents of any HMTL tag are ignored. Some dialects allow you to
put a flag in the tag to MD, but it has to be done for each use.. In
particular I want MD to *always* process the contents of <div> and generally
I think I want content processed more often than not even within an HTML
tag. Fortunatley MMD considers upper case tags to be just text. Which
means at present I'm dependent on the continued behaviour of a bug.


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