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Tue Mar 23 14:39:19 EDT 2010

lou said:

> And, again, it's always been part of the bargain that

> you must wrap the transformer if you need special shit

where some values of "special shit" are spectacularly ordinary...

not available in stores. your mileage might vary. have a nice day.


p.s. see what gruber does on his blog. capability-wise, it's bland.
the most "special" he does is footnotes, and he hand-rolls those.

p.p.s. but honestly, it's really not what markdown out-of-the-box
_fails_ to do automatically. it's how much work it takes for you to
do those things manually. at some point, for any "special shit",
you will feel like you've done so much markup anyway that you
might as well have just done it _all_ in .html from the beginning.
that is, as "light" markup, markdown simply isn't "light" enough.
i do not necessarily mean for this to sound like a criticism, but
in my work, i've been aiming at something much, much lighter.
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