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> albert said:

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> for the win! (i'd been wondering when someone would

> mention that again; i looked and couldn't find the u.r.l.)


> any further dialogs about tables should be shortcircuited

> with this link. there's simply nothing to discuss any more.


> -bowerbird




I don't understand.

Are you saying that MD should recognize elastic tab stops in a file and
convert that to a html table?

This is certainly a possible route, but given the number of editors that
don't recognize elastic tab stops, this is daunting. It also means that MD
needs to recognize at least two ways to do tables -- ets and markup.

Are you saying that browsers should all be smart enough to recognize elastic
tab stops?

While an admirable goal, I won't hold my breath for the day that 95% of
browsing is done with ETS capable browsers.
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