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Given the paucity of ETS editors, viewers, enabled browsers however, I'm
afraid that I will insist on keeping my horse, at least until there is more
than two roads in town. My horse will eat hay. And who knows where the
next gas station is.

The bowerbird is half right. Elastic tab stops are worthy of implementing.
But to keep the transition cost minimal the older way has to be supported

I can see merit in having MD understand elastic tab stops as part of it's
goal toward minimalist markup.
It certainly would make simple tables easy to do.


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> >sherwood said:

> >> I don't understand.

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> >what's to understand? :+)

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> >> Are you saying that MD should recognize elastic tab stops

> >> in a file and convert that to a html table?

> >

> >yes, that's what i'm saying, or at least part of it.


> And this would convert markdown from a general-purpose writers tool

> into some sort of boutique plugin. I can't really see that this

> would count as an advantage to _anyone_ who currently uses markdown.


> -david parsons

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