using markdown in a forum?

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Thu May 6 07:24:38 EDT 2010

On Wed, May 05, 2010 at 07:49:31PM +0200, Aristotle Pagaltzis wrote:

> * Louis-David Mitterrand <vindex+lists-markdown-discuss at> [2010-05-05 16:05]:

> > What would be a "reasonable defaults" whitelist for html tags

> > in a forum context?


> All the tags Markdown has syntax for:


> em strong a img code br

> p ul ol li blockquote pre h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6


> Plus a few very reasonable extras:


> i b cite del ins

> dl dd dt


> Attributes that should be allowed:


> a: href title

> img: src alt title

> ol: start

> blockquote: cite


> That's the minimal reasonable set, I think.


> You may or may not want to also whitelist the table-related tags:


> table tr td th

> tbody tfoot thead caption


> Most of their possible attributes should be allowed in that case.


> For those, you'll need to tidy the HTML, not just scrub it, else

> people will be able to break your layout in malicious ways.


> You ***DON'T*** want to whitelist the `style` attribute under any

> circumstances, unless you also have a very very very careful CSS

> scrubber, because otherwise it's possible to inject Javascript

> that way.


> You'll also want to validate `a at href` values to keep people from

> putting `javascript:` URIs or similar foolishness in there. If in

> doubt, allow too little.


Thank you Aristotle for the detailed and informative answer. Very useful

Fortunately HTML::Scrubber allows denying specific attributes based on a

'href' => qr{^(?!(?:java)?script)}i,
'src' => qr{^(?!(?:java)?script)}i,


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