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> On Apr 11, 2011, at 5:46 PM, David Chambers wrote:


> Check out Jeremy Ashkenas's docco. Truly beautiful.


> People might also be interested in appledoc, which uses Discount to parse

> comments.

There is also Apydia [1], which uses Python-Markdown (or textile or
reStructuredText) on Python code.

However, the really powerful documentation library in Python (also
supports C/C++ with other language promised to be coming) is Sphinx
[2]. Unfortunately, is uses reStructuredText, not Markdown. Now, if
someone created a similar tool that used Markdown, that would be

The great thing about Sphinx is that while is can extract comments
from the source, it is primarily meant to write documentation separate
from the source - which should almost always be a projects primary
documentation. The automatically-generated-from-source reference
should usually be in addition to the primary documentation. At least,
that is if you want a well documented project.


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