can you see the present? -- august 1st

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Mon Aug 1 15:53:12 EDT 2011

ok, so let's take stock of things on the first of august...

fletcher penney has updated multimarkdown to 3.1...
plus he's working on finalizing his editor-app, which it
seems he has christened as "multimarkdown composer".

brett terpstra is rewriting-from-scratch his "marked" app.
("better sooner than later", he says.) from my experience,
i decide to rewrite-from-scratch either because i've gotten
totally confused by my existing effort or because i feel i've
gotten new revelations on how to master the task at hand.
since brett hasn't had this program long enough to become
confused by it, i'm assuming his rewrite means "revelations".

it's also the case that daniel jalkut, from red sweater, has
joined in, to put multimarkdown support into "mars-edit".
daniel removed some library-dependencies, which means
multimarkdown will be easier to include in more programs.
there's even work now being done for its use in i.o.s. apps.

i'm a little confused about why these libraries were even
necessary in the first place. to my mind, and in my apps,
this is just straightforward text-handling. you read it in,
manipulate it as desired, and then write it out. no bigee.
for what do you need any kind of external library anyway?

as for my app, it's coming along fine. i need to stop adding
stuff to it, put out a release, and then add more stuff later...

but with fletcher, brett, and daniel all excited about these
new developments, and looking to release some good stuff
this month, multimarkdown looks to be on a serious roll...

this is the kind of momentum that could push it past all of
the other variants, resulting in a markdown superset champ.

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