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Hi Flo,

I think the idea is the 'classic' Markdown is also supposed to be the
universal one. If you want or need more features, you can choose one of the
many non-standard variants, but they are just that: non-standard variants.

I, for one, like Markdown as it is.


On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 20:56, Florian Sperlich <flo.sperlich at googlemail.com

> wrote:

> Hi,


> because of the great editor "Writer" from Information Architects I've

> learned about Markdown and I love it. But it's very confusing, that

> there are so many standards with different features: classical

> Markdown, Markdown Extra, MultiMarkdown. I think for most users and

> the spreading of Markdown it would be nice, to have only one syntax.


> And this universal syntax should have the additions of MultiMarkdown:

> footnotes, tables, definition lists, citation, metadata (author,

> title, date), and so on... Because I think many people would like to

> have these additional functions in Markdown. And who doesn't need

> these additional functions, simply doesn't use them.


> I think, one universal Markdown-syntax with the additional

> possibilities of MultiMarkdown would be less confusing for consumers

> and would help to spread Markdown in more apps and to more users.

> Because it's really great!


> Best regards,

> Flo Sperlich

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