Metadata syntax (was Universal syntax for Markdown)

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> there's something else that i generally put under "metadata"

> -- which other people do not -- which are the specifications

> used to create the output-formats. these include things like

> straight-quotes vs. curly, indented paragraphs vs. block, and

> the pagesize (for .pdf), the font, fontsize, leading, and so on.

> this allows the end-user who receives the z.m.l. file to create

> outputs matching what the author intended them to look like.

> in accordance with the all-text-in-one-file mandate of z.m.l.,

> these specifications should be included in the text-file itself,

> and can fall in the "metadata" section, the "colophon" section,

> or in their own "output specifications" section, as you desire...

> and, of course, end-users can also change the specifications,

> so as to create output that is formatted to their own desires...


> -bowerbird

I think the definition of such a section, for similar reasons (such metadata would only be considered in certain contexts such as publishing or CMS extensions), was a motivation for the metadata discussion.

Alan Hogan
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