Enabeling E-Mail Name

Berengar Berengar.Lehr at gmx.de
Tue Feb 1 07:34:49 EST 2011

Dear readers,

of the Markdown-(Extra)-Discussion list. After including Markdown as the Markup language of choice for my
configuration files I stumbled over a feature I was missing: Adding e-mail links with names. I came up with a
little hack I want to share with you.

Old Syntax: (mailto:$mailadress@$mailhost)
New Syntax: (mailto:$mailadress@$mailhost[ My Name)

1) function doAutoLinks: insert '(?:\W*(.*))' in RegEx before the '>' line
2) function _doAutoLinks_email_callback: insert '$text = $matches[3];' before line starting with $link = ...
3) function encodeEmailAdress:
a) change signature to ($addr, $text)
b) wrap the line starting with $text = ... so it reads 'if ($text == "") { $text = ... }'

pretty easy, istn't it?


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