Enabeling E-Mail Name

Berengar Berengar.Lehr at gmx.de
Tue Feb 1 17:07:12 EST 2011

I'm sorry,

I chose the <>-Syntax because of obfuscation even so I would also use
[]() if it would provide obfuscation, but two notations for linking exis
and I don't want to be the one to decide whether to let one go.

I didn't realize that the changes would really be build in instantly.
Otherwise I would have provided an diff. You are right, the call to
encodeEmailAddress in function _doAutoLinks_email_callback should be
changed according to the functions new signature. (Attached the diff file)

I like the obfuscation it has now because it does not need JS. Anyone
who needs some advanced obfuscation technique should implement it in JS
which is beyond the focus of markdown.

Good night,
Berengar Lehr

Am 01.02.2011 16:30, schrieb Arno Hautala:

> On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 07:34, Berengar <Berengar.Lehr at gmx.de> wrote:


>> changes:

>> 1) function doAutoLinks: insert '(?:\W*(.*))' in RegEx before the '>' line

>> 2) function _doAutoLinks_email_callback: insert '$text = $matches[3];' before line starting with $link = ...

>> 3) function encodeEmailAdress:

>> a) change signature to ($addr, $text)

>> b) wrap the line starting with $text = ... so it reads 'if ($text == "") { $text = ... }'


> You also need to pass $text to encodeEmailAddress in the callback.


>> New Syntax: (mailto:$mailadress@$mailhost[ My Name)


> I don't know if I mistyped something in applying your edits, or

> there's something wrong in the "New Syntax", but it didn't work when I

> tried this.



>> pretty easy, istn't it?


> A patch would have been easier and more fool proof.



> What would be a beneficial addition, would be adding email obfuscation

> capabilities to the [text](email) syntax. Currently the only way to

> achieve obfuscation is with the <email> syntax.


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