Should leading and trailing spaces between backticks be preserved?

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Many synthetic grammars have 'special characters' Talking about special
characters of the grammar using the grammar has to involve some form of
escape mechanism.

You need to minimize the occurence of talking about the special characters
so they can do their work.

If I were to write a book about markdown, however, I don't think I'd want to
write it in markdown. To many confusions between the "this * is a literal
asterisk and *this* star is emphasized. Except in that case the 'this' is
emphasized. How _would_ you emphasize a single asterisk?
<emphasis>*</emphasis> of course.


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> > Then what about ` ``foo`` ` ?


> In my mind that could be a beneficial feature of the different syntax.

> A single backtick doesn't strip space, double backticks do.


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