my scala markdown implementation

Christoph Henkelmann christoph-markdown at
Mon Jan 10 06:57:16 EST 2011

> I'm looking forward to taking a look at your test and benchmark code.

> (Of course I will have to tune pegdown to become the fastest of the three implementations... ;)

I finally finished my post on the performance of the JVM-based Markdown

The performance of each processor heavily depends on the input, so I
split up the test into various scenarios. In a mixed test Actuarius
comes in first, followed by PegDown followed by Knockoff, roughly in a
1:2:4 Ratio. (My first test contained a lot of plain text which is
processed well by Knockoff, yet when you mix in some emphasis, links
etc. it Knockoff gets pretty slow.)

I will release the testsuite ASAP.

I am looking forward to the PegDown improvements, that will give me a
reason to pimp up Actuarius a bit more :)



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