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Side note - the actual Hamlet line has a colon at the end of the line.
So it would be fine in MMD.



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On Sep 19, 2011, at 10:30 AM, David Sanson <dsanson at> wrote:

> The reStructuredText field list syntax might be a reasonable compromise.


> I like the fact that the metadata can occur anywhere in the document.


> The [RST spec][] itself says that the leading colon can be dropped "in

> well-defined contexts such as when a field list invariably occurs at

> the beginning of a document (PEPs and email messages)." As John's

> example from Hamlet shows, this isn't the case for markdown documents.

> But it would be possible to grandfather in existing MMD documents by

> insisting, as MMD does, that first lines that contain a colon are

> unambiguously metadata, with apologies to Hamlet. Or one could

> introduce a delimiter, like `--`, and say that lines before that

> delimiter are unambiguously metadata, and so don't require the leading

> colon.


> Frankly, I don't think it wouldn't be a terrible thing if

> implementations disagreed on this one detail---when is a leading colon

> required?---but agreed on everything else. Those who wish to trade

> flexibility for beauty could leave off the leading colon; those who

> value inter-operability over beauty could leave it on.


> David


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