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Mon Sep 19 18:39:35 EDT 2011

fletcher said:

> For any consensus to come about,

> I think we need to agree on the

> fundamental purpose and philosophy of

> the consensus we claim to be interested in.

it would be nice.

> Otherwise many of these discussions will

> continue to occur without much hope of

> moving forward to any actual outcome/resolution.


> it's just a bunch of us sitting around

> explaining why we each think

> our own dog food is the best.

uh-huh. and what's really ironic is that you're
not even polling the general-public dogs you
hope will eat the food that you're putting out...

y'all seem to believe that they'll eat _anything_.

> But in the meantime, MMD will continue to

> march forward

great to hear it!

> a Mac OS X text editor with built-in MMD

> syntax highlighting, exporting, and editing

> that I hope to release in the next month or two

wha... "the next month or two"? what's the hold-up?

> and I hope to put together a proof of concept

> native MMD parser for iOS (built using the same code

> as the desktop version) if no one else out there

> beats me to it (which would be a welcome turn of events!)

i don't understand why a parser has to be so hard...

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