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yikes, my apologies for not proofing properly:

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 10:34 AM, Tao Klerks <tao at> wrote:


> In that case, you're talking about metadata in the more general sense -

> like link definitions, footnotes, and other constructs that are currently

> treated as a special case in markdown. I'm all for having a special syntax

> for defining the abstract, as long as the author doesn't have to worry about

> any escaping conventions and can just write it like he/she would any other

> regular markdown content.



(I mean markdown variants of course - I understand that abbreviations,
footnotes etc are not part of the original/true/core/official markdown)

> My concern with a pure-lua/yaml/json metadata format is that it requires

> specialized knowledge (not related to the existing markdown

> standards/experience) on the part of the user for even the most trivial

> changes to the simplest fields - *especially* if structured/markdown content

> such as the abstract is placed in a metadata field!



(for the abstract I mean formattable/markdown content - my apologies for the
ambiguous use of "structured")
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