Markdown-Discuss Digest, Vol 101, Issue 14

Christoph Freitag mail at
Fri Sep 30 08:23:41 EDT 2011

Hi folks,

since started this thread I might as well end it!

I couldn't have put this any better:


> Oh My God I actually agree with Big Bird here.


> This whole discussion is getting far beyond what I think of as a

> lightweight markup system. Personally I think metadata should be

> processed separately from markdown data. Keep it "unixy" - one tool, one

> job.



If you *must* include "non-obvious" metadata, such as arbitrary variable/value pairs, then why not resort to putting them in *comments*?

Using `<!-- ... -->` is an obvious choice, and in my personal adaptation of Markdown I'm using `//` at the beginning of lines, but really any comments syntax from one of the major programming languages out there could be used.

Just remember: KISS!

— Christoph

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