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Thu Dec 13 17:55:15 EST 2012

I put a copy of the basic perl script in TextWrangler's 'Unix filters' folder*, renamed it as 'Convert Markdown to', and assigned it a keyboard shortcut of Ctrl-H.

So, when I type Markdown-style text** in TextWrangler and hit Ctrl-H, it immediately converts to HTML. If I have selected a portion of the text, only that portion gets converted; otherwise everything. No server involved. And subject to Undo.

In like manner, I use (renamed as 'Convert HTML to' and assigned Ctrl-M) to convert in the other direction.

- Tom

*I'm using an old version of TextWranger, v3.5.1. I think in v4 this arrangement got changed; see the documentation.

On Dec 13, 2012, at 5:40 PM, mike wrote:

> Hi


> Is it possible to run Markdown the app standalone, that is, not as part of a webserver. So the model would be write a file in Markdown and then use the Markdown app to convert the file into (x)html for local browsing in a browser.


> I want to learn Markdown before I have to go through the pain of setting up a webserver. I have been trying to get jetty working on Fedora 16 but keep getting errors. For the moment I would just need a webserver on my development machine that the Internet doesn't see.


> Thanks in advance for any help.


> Best,

> Mike

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