what will january 19th bring?

Bowerbird at aol.com Bowerbird at aol.com
Wed Jan 18 18:14:33 EST 2012

so, the rumor is that apple will announce
an authoring-tool for e-books tomorrow,
and most specifically for digital text-books.

and, if you look closely, they _are_ rumors.
nothing more... plus, they don't even seem
to be coming from sources inside of apple.

nonetheless, the rumor is "authoring tools".

"garageband for e-books", as ars called it...

if it's true, it'd be great. at least it might be.

(apple's software rarely meets the reputation
for quality that's well-earned by its hardware.
indeed, apple's software often sucks _badly_,
even in the realm of publishing, surprisingly.
how many of you use "pages"? i thought not.)

anyway, i'm hoping for a tool, and a good one.

i'd really like to shelve my plans for my apps,
because apple "did what needed to be done".

but to be honest, i don't think fletcher penney
and multimarkdown composer have to worry...

because it sure looks to my eyes like apple wants
to get cozy with the corporate textbook industry.
i mean, seriously, holding the event in new york?

the self-publishing revolution uses "new york" as
its catch-phrase for the corrupt big6 publishers.

apple might not believe the textbook nerds are
as bad as the music industry titans; but they are.
indeed, for the most part, they're the same guys,
once you peel away all the shells of ownership...

at any rate, i'm glad the wait is almost over...

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