what will january 19th bring?

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Today on Slashdot:

*At the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Apple announced on Thursday it
would update
its iBooks platform to include textbook
also added a new platform called iBooks Author, which lets anyone
easily create and publish their own e-books. Apple's senior VP of
marketing, Phil Schiller, introduced iBooks 2, which has a new textbook
experience for the iPad. The books themselves display larger images, and
searching content is made significantly easier: all users need to do is tap
on a word and they are taken straight to an appropriate glossary or index
section in the back of the book. Navigating pages and searching is also
easy and fluid, and at the end of each chapter is a full review with
questions and pictures. If you want the answers to the questions, all you
need to do is tap the question to get instant feedback. Apple also launched
the iBooks Author app, which lets anyone easily create any kind of textbook
and publish it to the iBookstore, and the new iTunes U platform, which
helps teachers and students communicate better, and even send each other
materials and notes created with iBooks Author. All of the apps are free,
and available for any and all students, from K-12 to major universities."

Story on IB times


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> Well, I appreciated the thread anyway, Bowerbird.


> ajh


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> > [heavy sigh.]

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> > ok, well, i guess it's time for me to go to work...

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