Is there anyone would like to hold a standard organization of Markdown syntax?

Bowerbird at Bowerbird at
Wed May 30 15:53:23 EDT 2012

one of my conclusions in my long post was that
"markdown standardization ain't gonna happen".

as i read fletcher, he came to the same conclusion
in his long post, for pretty much the same reasons.

honestly, if it was gonna happen, it already woulda.
requests will persist, and might well even increase,
but the catatonia has hardened, and is full-on now.
so the primary purpose of this listserve has become
for markdown developers to ignore markdown users.
the markdown listserve is dead; long live the listserve.

i also discussed how markdown could've prevented
its present situation, but that's an exercise that calls
for demonstration in the real world, not "discussion";
so i will set out to provide the proof in that pudding...

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