[text][index](url) syntax

David Sanson dsanson at gmail.com
Thu May 31 16:34:37 EDT 2012

As already mentioned, the proposed syntax is not good for people
trying to read your markdown source.

As for making the writing of markdown more convenient, I think you'd
get the same benefits without the complications if the editor you used
supported context appropriate auto-completion of URLs already present
in the document, e.g., suppose you've typed,

Here is an [example](http://example.com), and here is
another [example](http://example.com/more), here is
another [example](

Then hit whatever key your editor uses to invoke auto-completion, and
it would suggest, as possible completions, 'http://example.com' and
'http://example.com/more'. This would not be too difficult to
implement in TextMate or Vim or (I presume) Emacs. In fact, I'll put
it on the todo list for vim-pandoc (and perhaps the neglected pandoc
bundle for TextMate).


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