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Karl: From the response previously on this list it will be a hard
sell. I think you will need to contact the owner of every MD
implementation individually and talk them into it.

As I've mentioned before on this list, the key is to recognize that
there are differences in MD implementations and behavior. Some of
these are due to borderline cases in the original Gruber spec. Some
of these are extensions for features that JG didn't think important.
The extensions aren't all compatible.

The only way I've been able to figure out how to work with this would
be as follows:

Every MD implementation would have to have two behaviours, set either
by a command line flag, a configuration file, or a preference if used
with a GUI. One behaviour would be the individual behavior so that
the followers of that implementation wouldn't be left in the lurch.
One would be the standard behavior.

In addition some versions may have additional modes to support PDF, or
XML or LaTeX output.

But this is NOt going to work unless you get the implementors online.
Who, besides Mr. Fletcher owns an implementation of MD.

Fletcher, are YOU in?

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On 20 November 2012 03:43, Karl Dubost <karld at> wrote:

> FYI,


> There was an interest from a few people to create a formalization of Markdown as it is currently implemented.

> A W3C Community Group has been created for moving forward and exploring the idea and create a spec if necessary.


> A W3C Community Group [1] is a platform for discussing, publishing about a topic. You just need a free public W3C account [2]


> The community markdown group [3] has started to discuss about the work. This is the very start of the discussion, there is nothing formal. Implementers feedback and input are essential to the success of this.



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