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Hello Kohshi,
First off thank you for looking at Markdown.

When it comes to making webpages, I view Markdown as the thing that I put my raw content into. I've read that some sites like MacWorld have their writers submit things written in markdown and then do the conversion later (via a CMS). Some blogging systems like [WordPress][wordpress] or [SquareSpace][] allow you to do it directly as well.

I think the key question is "how do you want you web site to run"? I'm thinking that markdown isn't the exact answer your looking for as far as being dynamic or getting information from other sites or services. Markdown can reference this via a link, but it sounds like you are looking for something outside of the scope of what it is intended for.



On Oct 13, 2012, at 7:11 AM, Kohshi Keigo <kohshikeigo at> wrote:

> Hello,

> I've discovered Markdown and I have some questions about it.

> I want to make a web site with Markdown.

> Can I make dynamic web page? How to do it?

> For example, I want to pick some information from another website via a web service, How to make it?

> If the contents of the markdown's file change, or the data returned by the web service change, how to change the web page (refreshing it)?


> Thank you a lot for your help :-)


> PS: Sorry for my bad english

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