How to insert a blank line between blockquote paragraphs?

Thomas Maibaum thomasmaibaum at
Wed Oct 24 17:49:03 EDT 2012

Scott Granneman, 2012-10-24 23:37:

> Well, if we’re going with ugly, what’s wrong with the good ol’

> fashioned non-breaking space?

I for one feel that an empty HTML comment looks slightly less "ugly"
than the text "  " in the Markdown text. But as I said, it's a
matter of taste. :)

Apart from that, I just compared the two methods and I noticed that this...

> quote text


> quote text

... for some reason creates a *larger* break between the quote parts
than this:

> quote text

<!-- -->

> quote text

At least using Thunderbird with MarkdownHere, I haven't tried other ways

The "comment method" is more what I expected, but it's good to know that
a non-breaking space creates a slightly different output, should I ever
need it.


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