New List of implementations.

Waylan Limberg waylan at
Wed Oct 31 14:55:26 EDT 2012

Hey everyone. Just and FYI that I started a list of markdown implementations:

Please review and make any corrections/additions. The page should be
publicly editable as long as you have a github account.

Note that this is a list of _libraries_, which differentiates it from
wikipedia's list [1]. For example, mmd2pdf is a command line script
which combines Multimarkdown and an html-to-pdf converter. That is not
a markdown library. Another example would be Pagedown, which combines
Showdown and an in-browser editor. Perhaps a useful tool, but not a
library - the library is already listed as Showdown. On the other
hand, I did list all of the bindings to the C libs (Discount &
Sundown), because those are still libs in their respective languages.

BTW, I intend to create a separate page listing tools like mmd2pdf,
Pagedown, etc. But that won't happen today. Perhaps someone else would
like to start that?


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Waylan Limberg

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