[ANN] Markdown Here: write email in Markdown

Adam Pritchard pritchard.adam at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 20:14:39 EST 2013

Markdown Here is a Chrome, Firefox, and Thunderbird (and, to a lesser
extent, Postbox) extension that allows you to write email* in Markdown**,
and then render it before sending. The project page has links to the
browser extensions, screenshots, etc.:


I started it last year after I finally got sick of how fiddly it is to
write good looking, complex, often long-form email, especially if it
contains code snippets. I had been spoiled by the ease and power of
creating READMEs on Github, and I found myself writing plaintext email,
copy-pasting it into GH's editor, rendering, and then copy-pasting it back
into email. Which is ridiculous. I looked around and saw that there wasn't
already a browser extension, so I created one. I really did it for my own
use (and I'm quite pleased), but there are about 5000 other users so far,
which is cool.

Hopefully someone here finds it useful as well.

Adam Pritchard

* "email": Gmail webmail, Yahoo webmail, Hotmail webmail, and Thunderbird
(all must have rich compose enabled). It also works very well in Google
Groups posts, and to varying degrees with Evernote and Wordpress web
interfaces. Specifically, it works with `contenteditable` compose boxes.

** "Markdown": Github-flavored. The JS rendering library I used is:
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