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Mon Jul 8 08:08:16 EDT 2013

Le 7-juil.-2013 à 22:21, bowerbird <bowerbird at aol.com> a écrit :

> anyway, here it is:


> ban intraword italics, outright, with full notice, _but_

> make it clear that the workaround is to use raw .html

> to obtain the necessary italics for any intraword needs.


> (and if you're curious why i don't use this in my system,

> the reason is because i do not permit raw .html at all.)

Actually, this is a problem. If you're using Markdown to write Japanese or any other language that does not separate words using spaces, italics will not work at all. This is part of the reason Markdown Extra retained "intraword" emphasis using asterisks.

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