ordered lists: type lower alpha?

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at michelf.ca
Wed Jul 24 18:51:58 EDT 2013

Le 23-juil.-2013 à 15:57, John MacFarlane <jgm at berkeley.edu> a écrit :

> +++ Klaus Mueller [Jul 23 13 18:40 ]:

>> Hi folks,


>> atm we have in markdown [ordered lists] with the [type] 'arabic

>> numbers' working:


>> 1. one

>> 1. two


>> would it be possible to have also the type 'lower alpha'?


>> a. first

>> a. second


>> The type attribute is deprecated, but it is allowed to supported it

>> or just add an inline css (e.g. " style='list-style-type:

>> lower-alpha;' ").


> It's not standard markdown, but pandoc's extended markdown supports this:

> http://johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc/try/?text=a.+item%0Ab.+item%0A&from=markdown&to=html

Just curious, has anyone reported a bug where a sentence would end with a letter alone and would trigger a list on the next item? Also, what is a valid list marker in pandoc, is "aa." a valid list marker (just like "11." is)?

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at michelf.ca

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