Problem with links in Markdown

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at
Thu Jun 20 23:44:08 EDT 2013

* Alexander Veit <lbloom at> [2013-06-20 20:50]:

> recently I stumbled over a problem with the Markdown link syntax[1]


> This is [an example]( "Title") inline link.


> RFC 2396[2], section 2.3 defines left and right parentheses to be mark

> characters, and thus unreserved characters in URIs. This means that

> left and right parentheses do not need to be percent encoded in URIs.

I’ve run into this as well.

The easiest solution (which, since you’re already writing the link
inline, is not much of a loss) is to work around it by falling back
to HTML for the link in question, i.e. write it as <a href="">.

It’s a wart, but can be lived with.

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