Admonitions! with Python-Markdown 2.3 release.

Waylan Limberg waylan at
Fri Mar 15 22:34:56 EDT 2013

Last night I released version 2.3 of Python Markdown (see the release
notes [1] for all the details). In addition to various other
improvements, a new **experimental** extension was included that added
a syntax for generating rST-style admonitions [2]. For a summary of
the syntax, see the documentation [3]. A broader sample of the output
can be seen on this page [4]. The source text can be found by swapping
the ".html" file extension for ".txt" [5]. You can test it here [6]
(be sure to enable the extension).

!!! Warning
Experimental code has been released into the wild!

As noted, this is considered experimental. It is subject to change. I
realize that I could have overlooked something obvious and am not yet
completely committed to the syntax. Interestingly, I had drafted a
proposal some time ago (maybe a year ago) but never finished it.
Independently, "slig" [7] proposed an almost identical proposal [8].
Seeing how close our proposals were, we tweaked the syntax (meeting in
the middle) and "slig" wrote all the code.

So what does everyone think? I know the examples in the
Python-Markdown docs aren't the best. We're using the Python default
documentation theme (CSS) which makes the title inline with the first
paragraph - which is a little weird. What's great about it though, is
that no changes needed to be made to the CSS for it to work. Same
applies to any Sphinx themes [9].


\X/ /-\ `/ |_ /-\ |\|
Waylan Limberg

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