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Tue Mar 19 15:25:51 EDT 2013

Thanks, but I have ReText and really prefer the layout of the Dingus I mentioned. I can see the text I put in, what the code looks like, and the final presentation. Having it like that, running on a Web page locally would be so much easier. While I know many people use Markdown to do plain writing and let it do the mark-up, which I also do, I have several Web sites that I administer and receive plain, unmarked-up written copy. Running it through the Dingus (like the one online) makes quick work of creating the Web page. In addition, I use Web page templates for each site, so I then I just add the marked-up copy to it.

I'm just not that good at setting-up that type of thing. (And even though I use Blosxom, I want to see the marked-up copy before it gets uploaded; too many problems in the past due to not properly checking the code ahead of time.)

Anyone else know how I can do it -- or maybe just get the set-up (form, etc.) used at ?


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