[ANN] markdown 1.1.1 Ruby gem - Now Includes HTTP API / Web Service (Babelmark2 Dingus)

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at gmail.com
Sat May 25 09:17:16 EDT 2013


What's the markdown Ruby gem?

The Markdown Engine Wrapper (markdown) Ruby gem lets you use your
markdown library of choice using environment or markdown.yml settings.
Preconfigured engines include kramdown, redcarpet, bluecloth, maruku,
and others.

What's new?

The markdown Ruby gem now includes a builtin web service/server. Try
the markdown web service/HTTP API running on Heroku @
http://hypertext.herokuapp.com (or
http://hypertext.herokuapp.com/service )

or start your own server issue the command:

markdown server or
markdown s

More info @ https://github.com/geraldb/markdown


PS: The service on Heroku offers Babelmark2 Dingus services for
kramdown, redcarpet, bluecloth and maruku. Use/try these links:

- http://hypertext.herokuapp.com/dingus?lib=redcarpet&text=Hello+World
- http://hypertext.herokuapp.com/dingus?lib=bluecloth&text=Hello+World
- http://hypertext.herokuapp.com/dingus?lib=maruku&text=Hello+World
- http://hypertext.herokuapp.com/dingus?lib=kramdown&text=Hello+World

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