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>From previous discussions on this board I suspect your best bet is to post

process. I think the BB code will pass through MD unchanged. If MD
mangles it, try to enclose it in < >. Then write a script that goes
through the MD output file and tweaks it as necessary. OR modify the code
of the forum engine to read the mangling that MD gives it.


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On 2 November 2013 02:55, Дмитрий Киселев <dmitry.v.kiselev at>wrote:

> Hi everybody.


> I want to implement web map posting syntax for markdown.

> There is the project which do that for some forum engines



> May be I do that as a plugin (not everybody needs post maps in their md

> documents)


> So I want to discuss a format for thous maps.


> For forum bb code it's looks like


> [map=zoom,lon,lat]features; separated; by; semicolons(with, optional,

> parameters)[/map]


> =zoom,lon,lat and features are optional.

> If there is no zoom - map will fit features, if there is no features map

> will be

> centered on lon lat with zoom level.

> If there is no features ether zoom and map center - there will be default

> world map.


> So how about this


> map[zoom,lon,lat]features; separated; by; semicolons(with, optional,

> parameters)


> I'm not good in md, and don't know what will be the best syntax for maps.


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