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On 22 Nov 2013, at 23:05, bowerbird wrote:

> truth is a fantastic destination to arrive at.

and a good place to start too. Enjoyed your response. I'm just enjoying
Markdown (and I, with the help of a generous genius named Kino) used to
have NisusWriter export everything as what looked suspiciously like
Markdown/beta code to my Palm, then import it all back with italics and
footnotes and so on, while I wrote my PhD in the 90s. The whole damned
thing was written in markdown before it was invented.

Shame Nisus coding broke when we went to OS X.

So the hydra-like creature that is markdown is still a big, big
improvement on, well, not having markdown. Ironically (given it was
Gruber, who also used to help me out on the BBEdit list before
daringfireball was ever invented so I liked him before many of you:)),
it's the fragmented Android of the mark-up world.

Dr Jason Davies
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