RFC: Remove Paragraph Tags between Tags

Mariusz Wojcik mdickie007 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 11:28:23 EST 2013

Am Sonntag, 24. November 2013, 16:59:42 schrieb Aristotle Pagaltzis:

> * Mariusz Wojcik <mdickie007 at gmail.com> [2013-11-24 09:10]:

> > > What problem are you actually trying to solve?

> >

> > That Problem I want to solve is to have a Menu for my simple CMS. This

> > Menu which is created with Markdown needs a specified class. I don't

> > want to use all over there html tags.

> >

> > > Yours is a bad solution, but implies that what I provided before

> > > didn't meet your needs.

> > >

> > > Is there a reason it didn't?

> >

> > Yes, I want to set the class of the `<ul>` element which doesn't work

> > in Markdown style AFAIK.


> Uhm.


> You wrote all the <li>s and everything inside them in HTML already. If

> you just wrote the <ul> tags around those, then Markdown would leave

> your content alone. And you say you need to do it this way because you

> need to put a special class on your <ul>s. But the problem is caused by

> the fact that… you didn’t write your <ul>s there at all.


> This is incoherent. The only way I can make sense of it is if you’re

> failing to say that the <ul> tags are to be supplied by your CMS, and

> you must provide only the content between them.


> Is that the case?


> If so, then you’re out of luck with Markdown. If you use it, there is no

> way to get just a bare block of <li> tags with nothing around them. It’s

> not a use that it was designed for.


> If you are writing the CMS yourself then I’d suggest using Markdown and

> doing something like .replace('^<ul>', '<ul class="whatever">') on the

> output.


> If not, then try to find if you can turn of Markdown processing for the

> navbar and just put in the raw HTML you had already written.

You are probably right. Lastly I have done the menu in the HTML Way which
isn't very convient but it works.
Thanks for all answers,
Mariusz Wojcik

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