newbie seeks repo for markdown

bowerbird bowerbird at
Tue Sep 10 19:24:38 EDT 2013

don said:

> i am looking for advice regarding the best repo

first you have to decide what "flavor" of markdown
you will want to be using. it sounds like you want
gruber's original, but i'd recommend against that,
because you will find it deficient and contradictory.
which is why people have made different flavors.

i'd recommend using "multimarkdown", because it
is one of the most highly-functional variants _plus_
then you can also use "multimarkdown composer",
fletcher's mac text-editing app with live conversion.



"multimarkdown composer" also lets you "fall back"
to gruber's original markdown, if you really want to.


if you choose to use another flavor of markdown,
for some reason, or even with multimarkdown too,
i also highly recommend brett terpstra's "marked".


like "multimarkdown composer", "marked" offers live
conversion-and-display as you edit a file, operating
_in_tandem_with_ your editor (whatever it might be),
by re-reading your file as input whenever it is saved.

so "marked" works with every editor, and any flavor.

indeed, you can even use it with restructured-text,
ascii-doc, textile, or any other light-markup format.

and this great versatility only costs 4 stinking bucks.
(in contrast, "composer" is a relatively pricey _$12_,
but you can keep in mind that it often goes on sale.)

there are other great markdown-related mac apps,
including "texts", "textastic", "mou", and many more,
most of them so inexpensive that you will not regret
buying them to throw a few bucks to the developers
for continuing to raise the bar in this active arena...

but to pick the top 2, it's "composer" and "marked".


p.s. i see you got a two-line answer while i was busy
writing this much longer response, but as it might help
someone with a broader question, i will post it anyway.

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