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Michel Fortin michel.fortin at michelf.ca
Fri Sep 27 08:07:28 EDT 2013

Le 27-sept.-2013 à 2:54, Roopesh Chander <roop at forwardbias.in> a écrit :

>>> A U+0009 (TAB) character in the input shall be treated as four

>>> consecutive U+0020 (SPACE) characters.


>> No. That's often not the case. If I write "*" followed by tab to begin a line,

>> that tab represents three spaces, not four. The number of spaces represented

>> by a tab is 4-(column_number modulo 4). But you probably knew that. ;-)


> In vfmd, a TAB character is always 4 spaces. It's not like pressing TAB in

> MS Word. For the same reason, from a user perspective, it's better to use

> spaces instead of TABs to separate the list bullet char (`*`) from the list

> item.

Ok, so that's deliberate. I don't understand the motivation though. From the user perspective, that's not how tab works, nor how Markdown has done things for the last decade.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at michelf.ca

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