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> This sounds suspiciously like the annual/biannual "let's get a group together to standardize the Markdown variants" thread. (Also known as herding cats)

It's not about standardizing variants, at least not actively. The problem I'm trying to solve is much simpler. I find it hard to do anything in PHP Markdown without somewhat worrying that it might conflict with something else already in use. I don't have the time to write a standardized Markdown spec (although perhaps Roopesh has), but I'd like to avoid making things worse.

I guess if an announcement was posted here whenever an implementation makes a significant syntax change (like a new feature) it'd help fight against fragmentation, even if no one is actively working on a spec. It does not even have to be an official announcement, just a "Hey, HisGreatMarkdownParser added this feature last week" message from someone who noticed would do the trick. Or is there a *Markdown News* site I don't know about tracking this kind of things already?

I don't know about you, for me I think it'd help take better decisions. Right now I'm relying on Babelmark 2 to know what others are doing, but that's only good for checking specific things. I miss the big picture. I feel like no one really grasp the big picture because all the information is scattered all around.

Perhaps I'm just startled I didn't notice before about everyone who implemented Github-style fenced code blocks. But I do wonder what I should have been doing to notice that earlier. Despite having read every messages on this list since its creation, I suddenly feel completely out of touch with Markdown. That's the problem I'd like to have a solution for.

P.S.: Why is MultiMarkdown not on Babelmark 2?

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