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Michel Fortin michel.fortin at michelf.ca
Fri Sep 27 11:44:46 EDT 2013

Le 27-sept.-2013 à 11:15, Roopesh Chander <roop at forwardbias.in> a écrit :

> So to summarize:

> - It's not possible to solve this correctly without giving the tabstop

> number as an input to the parser

> - We don't want to get the tabstop as input, therefore we need a way

> around it

> - If the user is not mixing tabs and spaces, he should be fine

> - If the user is mixing tabs and spaces, but has read the syntax guide

> and follows it, he should be fine

> - If the user hasn't read the syntax and is also mixing spaces and tabs,

> sorry, I'm afraid I'm unable to help him

I still miss how it is an improvement over current Markdown. It's true that you can't solve the issue of editors having different lengths for tabs, but you're already picking four-space-per-tab so why do it differently from everyone else?

Note that if I were to use your algorithm, it'd probably break a lot of my own existing documents. I almost always use tabs to indent multi-paragraph lists, which includes a tab after the list marker. Maybe I'm the only one...

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at michelf.ca

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