that ship has sailed, and those islands are under water

bowerbird bowerbird at
Fri Sep 27 12:05:15 EDT 2013

michel said:

> I find it hard to do anything in PHP Markdown

> without somewhat worrying that it might

> conflict with something else already in use.

you're worried about breaking markdown now?

um, gee, michel, i'm sorry to have to inform you, but
markdown has been broken for a very long time now.

so long that a new breed of freedom has emerged...

people can now do anything they like with markdown,
precisely because it _Is_ already broken, irretrievably,
so nobody has to ever worry again about "breaking" it.

that ship has sailed, and those islands are under water.


p.s. speaking of islands under water and ships sailing,
even as the wackos continue denying climate-change,
the people of the marshall islands are packing to leave
the place which has been home to them for millennia.
ironically, while suffering the constant of the rising sea
and sad surprise from storm surges, the islanders also
just experienced a drought, causing food crop failures
as well as a critical shortage of drinking water which led
to severe problems with diarrhea and flu-ish symptoms,
compounding issues of abandonment and depression.
just in case you thought that _your_ problems are bad.

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