Github-style fenced code blocks

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at
Fri Sep 27 13:50:42 EDT 2013

* Michel Fortin <michel.fortin at> [2013-09-27 13:50]:

> I despite the syntax -- it also happens to be a valid code span!

I share that concern. OTOH I always found the tilde fences supremely
ugly. The backtick fences aren’t objectionable to me in the same way.
Thus I’ve never been happy with either; I am, if you can find it in
yourself to forgive the heinous pun, on the fence…

Meanwhile I have reluctantly gotten used to triple backtick fences on
GitHub because as far as I knew they were the only way to get syntax
highlighting in comments. And frankly, even now that I know that tilde
fences are supported, I doubt I’ll use them (because ugly). I think out
of these options, I’ll go with using backtick fences while pining for
a *good* choice – some option that qualifies for my enthusiasm rather
than my least reluctance.

And so I appreciate Markdown implementations supporting them even though
I dislike them.

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