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> >> It's true that you can't solve the issue of editors having different

> lengths for tabs, but you're already picking four-space-per-tab so why do

> it differently from everyone else?

> >

> > What is everybody else doing? Do you mean that everyone else is expanding

> > tabs while parsing using the "4-(column_number modulo 4)" method?


> Well, pretty much everyone. With the number of implementations there are

> always going to be a few outliers. See for yourself:



> http://johnmacfarlane.net/babelmark2/?normalize=1&text=%09%09a%0A%09.%09a%0A%09..%09a%0A%09...%09a%0A%09....%09a



To summarize:
- Marked always replaces '\t' with 4 spaces
- Maruku and Kramdown keep the '\t' intact
- Everyone else does the "4-(column_number modulo 4)" method


> I'd go with #3, but instead of just of saying "tabs are not recommended"

> I'd explain and warn that Markdown assumes tab stops to be aligned to four

> spaces and that you might get unexpected results if your editors shows tab

> otherwise; spaces are more predictable. But that's more for user

> documentation than for the parsing specification.



Yes, of course, for the user documentation, which is what I call the syntax
guide (as opposed to the specification, which is meant for parser

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