simple sample side-by-side setup

John MacFarlane jgm at
Wed Aug 27 13:44:41 EDT 2014

Of course, the dingus I linked to before has side-by-side editing
too (as long as your browser window is wide enough; otherwise it
is above-below):

It should be possible to add some degree of syncing, since the stmd
parser includes source position information in the syntax tree, and
this could  (with some changes to the HTML writer) be included in
the HTML output as special attributes. But I haven't investigated
this fully.  (I never did figure out how to determine using js which
line of the input source the cursor is on, but presumably this is

+++ Gerald Bauer [Aug 26 14 23:38 ]:
>> the good news is that it's relatively easy to set up
>> a side-by-side .html page. from there, you can
>> customize the environment to your own preferences.
>> here's some sample code that creates such a split-screen set-up:
>  FYI: I published a simple single static HTML page side--by-side
>markdown editor about a year ago. All code is public domain - change
>and (re)use as you see fit.
>  See a live demo here ->
>  And find the source repo here ->
>  Enjoy. Cheers.
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