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By using different symbols for different styles of tables I think you are messing with the principle not to mix content and formatting.

If I wanted to have a table with border in markdown-like syntax I would rather like to be able to use the {.class} property tags on tables, just like some flavors allow for headers.

# normal header
# underlined header {.importantheader}

| item | price |
| shaver | 80$ |
| printer | 100$ |
| LED-TV | 300$ {.sale} |

In my little example, the corresponding CSS file could make .importantheader be underlined, .sale blink in bright red color and bigger font and put stars in the border of the very special #pricetable. All these would apply to block level elements.

For inline elements a different syntax would be needed, but I doubt that it would be simple enough to be easier than just using a <span class="important"></span> HTML tag. (However, in my opinion <span.class></span> and <span#id></span> would be nice HTML shortcuts, but this should not primarily be a markdown problem.) 

Another option would be to have a generic text marking option similar to critic markup, which just like <span> doesn't do anything but offer a way to change the corresponding text:

Today we have a {::super special sale::}{.blink}.

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