It's a Markdown processor, right?

Sean Leonard dev+ietf at
Sat Sep 6 19:55:19 EDT 2014

Hello Markdown World,

Last month draft-seantek-text-markdown-media-type was adopted by the 
IETF Apps Area Working Group (APPSAWG). I am working on revising it.

I am trying to use uniform terms. An implementation that converts 
Markdown content to another format--most typically HTML--is called...a 
Markdown processor, right?

I have been using the term "Markdown processor". Just want to see if 
there is substantial disagreement about using that term to refer to the 
collective set of Markdown implementations out there.



PS I suppose it could also be called a "Markdown implementation". But 
I'm going to stick to my original nomenclature in the absence of a push 
for something else. For instance, graphical tools such as [MarkdownPad] 
may be implementations of Markdown, but they are not processors. 
MarkdownPad is a Markdown editor, that has built-in support for various 
Markdown processors (such as a GitHub Flavored Markdown processor, and a 
Markdown Extra processor).


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