the trains are already leaving the station

bowerbird bowerbird at
Tue Sep 9 01:15:43 EDT 2014

i said:
>   and get on board this new, better model, with a good algorithm.
>   maybe the way you did it before was good enough for back then,
>   but the future _will_ leave you behind if you do not get on board.
>   _however_, you might want to wait, for maybe a month or two.
>   because macfarlane's _model_ isn't yet as clear as it should be...

well, maybe just maybe you shouldn't wait after all.

i'm sure the model will change, perhaps quite a bit,
but programmers are already stepping up to bat and
there are only so many converters that need coding.

in addition to "official" converters from john macfarlane
-- one of which is written in c, the other in javascript --
commonmark already has two more in other languages.

in php:

in c#:

hopefully the commonmark team will vet these converters,
to ensure they're currently accurate and will be maintained
-- not just to give correct results, but also _work_ correctly --
and prevent a flock of "me-too" forks muddying the waters...
a solid line of converters, sleek but complete, is all we need.


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